Project management

Project management

In order to the overall managing of the project we create a management board which seats at least once in every half year. The boards’ main tasks are:

  • reviewing planned and implemented activities
  • making detailed plans for activities during the next half year
  • adding the responsible person for the tasks

Both parties delegates 2 people: 1 project manager and 1 professional supervisior who will be employed during the whole implementation (24 months) and their wage-cost is based on the percentage of the time worked.

Main tasks of the project manager are: keep connection with the authorities, making financial and professional reports, documenting the progress of the project, making contract modification etc.

The professional supervisor’s main tasks are: keep connection with the authorities, supervising the implementation of the project, give professional advice when it is needed.

They are responsible for the implementation and their main task is to supervise the project and staff.