Expected results

Expected results

We will increase the level of cross-border cooperation in the energy field among authorities and people through special actions.

During the project we will develop products and services in order to professional work and promotion.

During the Activity Comparison, evaluation and elaboration we do the comparison of 2 national NZEB regulations, create 1 joint transnational action plan and work out education material (SK and HU). We offer help so that future investments can be cost effective and actors in public sector can identify their options and realize innovative projects.

During Activity Pilot projects – NZEB + EMMA we do 2 plans: 1 for an existing public building (school, SK), the other one is for new building (HU). We choose buildings and make the plan documentation for nearly zero energy buildings (NZEB) that will be based on holistic approach – thermal aspects, lightning aspects, heating and cooling aspects, water management incl. rain water. The plans will be extended with e-mobility (e-mobility management; EMMA).

During the Activity Institutional capacity building we do presentation for 20 schools (10 HU + 10 SK), start and maintain a Facebook campaign for the public (100 posts), for public institutions we give pen drives (10-10), for professionals we make a printout (40 pages) and do training (3 x 4 hours) for min.10 professionals per training and we establish 1 info point.

The main results of the projects are in line with the indicators as the followings:

  • O411: 5 cross-border products and services developed, as the followings: 2 plans, 1 education material, 1 action plan, 1 magazine
  • O413: 10 cross-border events, as the followings: 6 trainings, 2 press-conferences, 2 conferences
  • PS03: 2 developed documents, as the followings: 1 action plan, 1 education material
  • PS06: 3 new working places in Hungary
  • PS12: 8 professional events: 2 conferences, 6 trainings
  • PS15: 113 cross-border thematic articles, media appearances: 5 articles, 8 magazine, 100 Facebook posts